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AVG Technologies
AVG is one of the world's largest security software firms, providing free antivirus protection to over 110 million global users. Starting with an understanding of their business goals, we developed a comprehensive metrics-driven social media strategy targeting multiple social platforms. To implement this strategy, we created customized social media properties and applications, helped build and train an internal social media team, and integrated our efforts with internal teams.
  • Incredible Engagement - We grew the community from 200 to over 250,000 users across all platforms. These Fans are highly active, supporting each other, providing rapid feedback on existing products, recommendations, and promotion of new product launches. AVG now has the second largest security presence on Facebook.
  • Global Reach - We extended their reach internationally with the creation of localized Facebook pages that allow non-English speakers to fully participate.
  • Powerful Advocates - We cultivated advocates who help lead the community, decrease supported costs, contribute new product ideas, and participate in weekly calls with AVG internal teams. These relationships have led to changes in product focus and overall company strategy.
  • Instant Emergency Response - Our emergency response plan enabled problems affecting large numbers of users to be detected and addressed quickly by both the community and AVG.
Are you looking to build a closer relationship with your customers? Are you looking for the significant benefits that this can bring through integrating social media programs? We can deliver similar results for your company.