Branded Facebook Pages and Applications
We will create a Facebook Page for your company, or multiple Pages that highlight your various products and brands. We will work with you to generate the content or we will use your company's marketing materials and website to create it for you. Your Page will allow you to build a strong presence for your company or brand, collect and communicate with fans, provide discussion forums, engage users with multimedia presentations, and announce events.
We will create rich interactive applications on your Page to:
  • Incent Facebook users to come and stay on your Page with entertaining and engaging content.
  • Provide wizard-like applications to help users find the right product and service for their needs.
  • Entice Facebook users to become fans through promotional opportunities.
  • Support your products and services from within Facebook.
  • Fulfill any business or marketing need.
In addition to applications that run on your company page, we will also create stand-alone Facebook applications that users add to their Facebook profiles. The advantage of these applications are not only that they promote your brand, but that they spread virally. We will work with you to design and build an engaging application that creatively positions your product.
Social Media Strategies
We will start with a Social Media Audit where we work with you to determine where your customers are and how they use social media. If you have already started a social media program, we will evaluate it using best practices and metrics to determine where it might be improved
We will then do a full Strategic Plan using the result of the audit and our understanding of your company and culture to develop the right strategy for your company. These comprehensive strategic plans are more than just pie in the sky, but will tell you exactly what to do and when to do it. We will also help you implement your new plan and train your company in social media best practices so that you won't be left wondering what to do next.
Thought Labs will also provide these additional services to help your company succeed in social media:
  • Metrics and Monitoring - we will track your performance and help you measure it against your goals.
  • Community Management - we will watch and develop your communities or work with your to develop expertise.
  • Professional Photos and Videos - we will provide photos that evoke your brand's feel or videos that show your customer or your company's experiences.
  • PR and Marketing assistance - we will help promote your brand to your target audience.
  • General Consulting - we will be on call when you need help, have a question, or want to update your existing strategies.
Interested in building a presence?
Thought Labs provides strategic planning, training, and implementation services for businesses who want to get started or improve their existing presences in social media.
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